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GLAMOROUS GLUE : alienstorm interlude / a brainlog.

the original rests here still.
examine the closest to the beginnings of the brainwaves going out through the lines.

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Subject: Freedback: survey one purple-ink
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form = http://www.purple-ink.com
admin = hiddensoul
language = en
hello; = greetings and salutations
how are you? = i am having a lovely day
name = i am the alien-joseph
femme/bloke: = i am an extra-nativity being molded into human male flesh
from: = not of this realm, i made my way here through dark region, rd
got site: = i do, i like to write
site address: = alien.echoes.nu
i'll try to visit: = that would be lovely
email = alien[sy]echoing.org
screename: = i believe my aim name is 'the alien joseph'
stalk? = of course
stalk-no = that's too bad, perhaps i should stalk you in a non-harmful way
age: = human years perplex me
sign: = they're are lovely. i've created some starsigns that shimmer like dawn
three words describe: = flying, strange, light-diffused
something interesting about self: = i am not qualified to answer that, perhaps you could tell me
big family: = yes, i have acquired many earthbound family members
tats/pierce: = no
like reading: = reading is an obsession for me
book suggest: = timequake by kurt vonnegut
bands: = radiohead, something for kate, depeche mode
favourite movies: = i don't believe i can narrow it down
spend time online: = finding lovely web homes like this, communicating with others, writing
subjects = sounds good
religion-op = religion.... is something i had to get used to here. humans are so strange with worship - they fight. why? people should believe whatever they choose and not try to force their opinions on others
pre-marital sex-op = pre-marital sex... another strange human custom: i have no problem with that and do not see why is still causes a fuss
abortion-op = abortion... again, so bizarre. a woman should be able to choose what and how she would like to deal with her own body and potential offspring
internet-op = the internet.. is a place where i can find information, explore human nature, view creative flow (such as your web home), and spin my own tales.
drugs-op = drugs... though some are dangerous, i believe everyone should choose what they would like to do with thier own lives.
alcohol-op = alcohol...i know it's technically a drug. work with me here. working with you: it is strange that this particular drug is readily available while others are so controversial
violence-op = violence...school, home, generally... i have great distate toward violence. in self-defence it should be used when necessary. there should be no violence at all but i accept that there is. violence in the home is or should be unnatural; violence is places of learning is also mind-bending. why so much horror?
wars-op = and while we're on violence...wars.... i wish for peace; on this planet i have learned that it isn't easy to come by due to all of the conflict. i hope my words convey what i truly feel. i wonder -- if only it could be settled earlier on so that people did not have to die
censorship = censorship... strange and yet it exists. here is another book recommendation: farenheight 451 by ray bradbury
sexuality-op = i hate when people ask me this because i never really realised i was supposed to have an 'opinion' on it but...sexuality is innate and a wonderful part of the human experience
enough thankye = you are quite welcome
done: = i have had a fine time answering your queries
thankye: = again, any time.
send = send away

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