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an opening statement

this is a collection of poems, prattling and prose written by the alien-joseph.

wisdom, enchantment and prophecies will be imparted.

greetings, willing visitor. i am the alien-joseph.

some of the language may be considered offensive by certain viewers. to maintain the integrity of the work, it has been transcribed exactly as originally authored - including typos. also you should be aware that some misspellings are intentional. capital letters begone. if you do not like this area, you are free to go at any time.

many and varied engines are employed to print my words. you may encounter startling changes in the rhythm of the imagery flow because of this. the effect this has on you is of great interest to my state of extra-nativity being.

please do leave me a message in at least one of the various areas provided. the alienstorm guestlog is terribly lonely. my electroaddress container is often devoid of stunning human communiques. surrounded by the need to often query in life, i'm left to ponder what you wish to ask of me.

the site vision is an alienated version of redRevenge. the images on these pages were made by me. they're called fractal art. i use a 1024 by 768 size screen for web watching. my portal is Mozilla Firefox. should you discover difficulties with other browsers, please alert me. thank you.