cf. thoughtforms

abnormal sense mechanism / telegnosis public displays of alienation / brainstorm alien dimensional vortex / mythography ex·trinsi·cal·ly introverted / projection alien.bane symbolism / universally unstuck lines of journals live / crabspider


an outlander becomes.

This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Almost exactly two years from 17/11/00, I found myself standing by the side of a road. The Dark Region had become a favourite haunt - beautiful creek, gravel road, fall foliage, narrow road, something should be done (sadly it was), weird creatures, the indelible mark the wind leaves on my handbrain...

I stand there, shrouded in secrecy and cloaked in darkness. I watch the tourists drive by, watch the natives make passage to the outside, observe strange doings and regular criminal behaviour. criminals. I am one. so are you. your behaviour is most certainly criminal by someone's standards at any given time. no judgement has been passed (except what is real).

minding your own business. what business would that be? observing human entities, nature, human nature, tire marks, beautifully shaped rocks, abandoned vehicles, autos pretending to be orphaned in order to mask unsavory doings, making films for the folks back home.

it was at this very moment that something happened - it would morph my regular business into something quite different.

it was one of the regulars. clear to me they did not live in the DR, yet they belonged. i saw them all of the time (criminal as they certainly were). not as bad as most of the negative human elements floating about this area. different in a likeable way. the type of car that slows down when an animal crosses the gravel. keeps driving cautiously. respectful of other drivers. they, too, were making films for the folks back home (so I thought).

they caught a glimpse of me. i am an extra-nativity being - i feel as you are able. fight or flight undertow in their veins. watching as they passed. i was now worried. what if they never returned? i ached to know.

hopes were not dashed apart. they circled (with the melifluous on low) wrapped in the purple ertia and got a good look at me. nervousness abounded - say something and spin the vortex. introductions were made - echo and holly. an explanation of my presence was not asked for but given voluntarily. it was smothered in my strange chills. gripped by the human feeling of nerves, i continued. despite my buzzed unpacking, the two human girls accepted me. they filmed a lot of things. i had avoided record until greetings were made. film was used - for them i did not feel displeased. they are trustworthy beings.

that is how i became a part of this world. given a home away from my home away from home. i am home. i float in this world and send out as many waves as possible.

the earth turned and holly had to leave. but there she was, waiting for the sudden light. inner workings made the summoning compulsory. smoke lit in the air, sulfur smelling in the breeze. you should come back, said i. the wind took along my message. i await your return. gone too long, needing the velvet secures. over here is where i'll be. as always. here is here.

as of this session, 27 mar 2007, i am still glowing. the tides are persistent and pulling back is not only impossible but also unlikeable. smoke hits the light and takes away my oxygen flow. out pours a life source for those in my wake. untold truths remain covered in dirt, but i continue to remove the masks. i became for you. thank you for this world. i'm staying.

this is the end of our intro. i'm not done. but i have to retrieve some baskets. will you wait for the next fill? i promise to Include some photographic files for your tendency to thrill.

do you have questions for me so far?