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GLAMOROUS GLUE : alienstorm interlude / a brainlog.

the original rests here still.
examine the closest to the beginnings of the brainwaves going out through the lines.


in an attempt to avoid the dreaded disease and stop her mind from setting adrift on memory mess, the mistress no longer covers her ears for the evening. In lieu of flowers the echoesian transmitter flickers in the breeze. It leaves me with the freedom to play around, searching for backwards messages amongst the ruins. The title track floats in from Red Rocks - it is connexions beyond your wildest dreams: ex-emp + national branch + spoken for ideals + the silliness of it all = here. (It's understood / ... It's no good/)

Just before I asked the little master to fetch me a treat. he ignored me and went about his business. Being an extranativity being isn't all it would seem. no-one does my bidding anymore. i think it's because of that 'as yet to be named' incident from seasons past. the principal player IS my pal. I know what it means, do you? It all about

...two dollars...TwoDollars...TWODOLLARS...TWO DOLLARS!!

What I mean to say is I didn't care for what was under the bed. I'm not even sure the bed is real. I got a semi-good look at things while doling out my requests to the little m and i'll tell you this, boy, things are pretty shady indeed. SPM isn't undre there and neither is anybody's Uncle. Alex Hamilton Is most decidedly a monkey's uncle. I'll be!

When you're a prat youre a brat and everything inbetweeeeeennnn .. .. ..

Guess what I found today? HER CHECKBOOK. Ha. It's got a mushroom sticker on it. She can be so fucking anti-weird sometimes. that makes me a bit nervous.
Have I told you about the tapenapping? I think we'll have to discuss it on some other plane.


Yours in eternal courtshipping,

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