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open the floodgates

38 open the floodgates and let these angels float away. the alien-joseph 08.09.03 04:30 PM


times of the will…. did you ever think the hubbub would rise like prairies in the sitting well?

at the side of the road

don’t forward yourself to the entrance. looking through the glass, there, mother. the love of he who remains…

forsaken to step

but for all the damage life has wrecked t    he answer is forsaken to step


everything dies baby that’s a fact … maybe eve p rything that dies someday comes back…

design shock

sudden change? only due to my incoherence. are you game?

believe in the finest work

my web home needs rebuilding.

mimicry imperfect

but what is perfect anyway. the line is done. the barrel is upside. perfect is the reel. uncanny taken under.forever free with mimicry. notice it contains cry; crydom is your way. the way of the postless, the way of the vapid. strange times for the beings who watch. ordinary is strange equalled to the perfect […]

universally unstuck

force is the plaid depot of reason. you shouldn’t make the horse run dispassionately. take the form of what you are. don’t civilise it down for sweing.take the trainto task. tt. end of the non.