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times of the will…. did you ever think the hubbub would rise like prairies in the sitting well?

apaine used

Bell :: andhe, love chains Abuse :: of posture Relief :: from the dandy lions List :: your attributes Concern :: about the way this relationship relates Absolute :: is infinite, corrupting and strange Cling :: to the mighty hoards Dump :: replaced with a house of worship Terminate :: that movie Wine :: an […]

erudite must have flied[e]

i can hear the ting, a clanging of metal against diamond shapes. answering the call may not be the best course. this swell is reeksome. if only the grand of sweeping would come round to swish the air.

random is the rime of reason

take hopping as your ex. for the word. sheeding tears and struck-chur, explain why the devil the whind missteps. happiness can condemn you to fear if one is not careful (or 7 at best).


everything dies baby that’s a fact … maybe eve p rything that dies someday comes back…

design shock

sudden change? only due to my incoherence. are you game?

believe in the finest work

my web home needs rebuilding.

mimicry imperfect

but what is perfect anyway. the line is done. the barrel is upside. perfect is the reel. uncanny taken under.forever free with mimicry. notice it contains cry; crydom is your way. the way of the postless, the way of the vapid. strange times for the beings who watch. ordinary is strange equalled to the perfect […]

preposition of the ninth

on the trouble-saving darkness the underscore applies. go back from whence you came, dear traveller, the city has no light.