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following scoundrels

like birds on the wave

too many brains

without course of action.

i’m gonna buy some fun and watch it glow

they just sit to the left ’cause they never know burning strings added on the fire helpless stares that add to the wire

at the side of the road

don’t forward yourself to the entrance. looking through the glass, there, mother. the love of he who remains…

because the world is not gruff

a man would not return the basics. what is this, an answer farm? mustard for the jelly? insinuate everything btwing.


the dreams of the living don’t make sense until you count the pathogens; the patterns are unreal

apaine used

Bell :: andhe, love chains Abuse :: of posture Relief :: from the dandy lions List :: your attributes Concern :: about the way this relationship relates Absolute :: is infinite, corrupting and strange Cling :: to the mighty hoards Dump :: replaced with a house of worship Terminate :: that movie Wine :: an […]

watermelon blues implode

I say … and you think … ? Running :: on empty toward a helicopter on wheels Alternative :: medicine Cope :: with this loss Lots :: of ambrosia Sympathetic :: pregnancy Barn :: yard with evergreen skies Totally :: into the grandstands Baby :: on bizarre Undeniable :: lack of window wisdome Watermelon :: […]

under tone

holding onto dreams of might can make for the specific and right.

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