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the untold flight

i soared abov and between the earth, moon and sun. she wanted to use binoculars. when we spoke of my limited means, she was very accepting of having to view certain circumstances from the porch below. i could see her, of course, even with the clouds obscuring the eclipse. we disagree on the moon’s colour, […]

i’m gonna buy some fun and watch it glow

they just sit to the left ’cause they never know burning strings added on the fire helpless stares that add to the wire

save your tears

Week 209 16 hours, 11 minutes ago I say … and you think … ? Plaster :: casting aside the will Cabbage :: in the butterman Jazz :: play, strays and musics around the base Darts :: that make funny shapes and take you over the hill Poke :: and you’ll find the weird dream […]

where are the pleas

more rough rough and a scanedal to ensue right you are with the merry caution of trails severed my empathy with glorious rage and sun. brings me to the wormwood and fingers found. woofers, tweeters and tools to be heard by the water.

you don’t know the third of this

down here interesting find but the needs do not meet. where is the instruction plate? i need to find my own splate. down in the pergament.