apaine used

  1. Bell :: andhe, love chains
  2. Abuse :: of posture
  3. Relief :: from the dandy lions
  4. List :: your attributes
  5. Concern :: about the way this relationship relates
  6. Absolute :: is infinite, corrupting and strange
  7. Cling :: to the mighty hoards
  8. Dump :: replaced with a house of worship
  9. Terminate :: that movie
  10. Wine :: an innocuous mouton cadet

week 190: u.m.

watermelon blues implode

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Running :: on empty toward a helicopter on wheels
  2. Alternative :: medicine
  3. Cope :: with this loss
  4. Lots :: of ambrosia
  5. Sympathetic :: pregnancy
  6. Barn :: yard with evergreen skies
  7. Totally :: into the grandstands
  8. Baby :: on bizarre
  9. Undeniable :: lack of window wisdome
  10. Watermelon :: see title

forsaken to step

but for all the damage life has wrecked

t    he answer is forsaken to step

under tone

holding onto dreams of might can make for the specific and right.

the trick complete.

erudite must have flied[e]

i can hear the ting, a clanging of metal against diamond shapes. answering the call may not be the best course.

this swell is reeksome. if only the grand of sweeping would come round to swish the air.

random is the rime of reason

take hopping as your ex. for the word. sheeding tears and struck-chur, explain why the devil the whind missteps.

happiness can condemn you to fear if one is not careful (or 7 at best).

technorati = squeam

Technorati Profile

where are the pleas

more rough rough and a scanedal to ensue

right you are with the merry caution of trails

severed my empathy with glorious rage and sun. brings me to the wormwood and fingers found.

woofers, tweeters and tools to be heard by the water.


everything dies
baby that’s a fact
… maybe
eve p rything that dies
someday comes back…

design shock

sudden change? only due to my incoherence.

are you game?