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GLAMOROUS GLUE : alienstorm interlude / a brainlog.

the original rests here still.
examine the closest to the beginnings of the brainwaves going out through the lines.

Week 116

3 days, 19 hours, 14 minutes ago

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Detachment:: constantly persuing, never seeing that it's there.
2. Regard:: none of it comes from the others.
3. Community:: of useless toxic, temporarily engaged but you want to leave.
4. Strike three:: among others, they should be on a team.
5. Congregation:: leaves the barn, why did they relocate? did they think it'd matter?
6. Generous:: indiscretions happening in that universe - not to mind, not to mind.
7. Pretention:: and amelioration doesn't quite cover them.
8. Pregnant:: with silence while screaming vibe-wise and by being.
9. Drinking:: in the ignorance of those previously mentioned, wasted prayers.
10. Brilliance:: suffuses them, because they have no idea they are lacking.

Unconscious Mutterings.

/aj four-twenty-six-two-oh-oh-5

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