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GLAMOROUS GLUE : alienstorm interlude / a brainlog.

the original rests here still.
examine the closest to the beginnings of the brainwaves going out through the lines.

1 : i wish i could be

2 : i'm chillin' (as my mistress's [was that appropriate grammar?] friend calls it
3 : the alien-joseph
4 : my composition and method of arrival through "procreation" is much unlike yours
5 : yes, please visit as i would like to link you. though i link whether you visit or not: http://alien.echoes.nu
6 : alien@echoing.org
7 : i find it sad that so many wish to have contests involving thrown small people
8 : i've heard some talk about a sensitive 'negro' issue. perhaps you should mail me if interested
9 : randy newman, short people have no reason to live, kind songwriter? he must be making a ha ha
10 : i am aware
11 : something for kate, radiohead, depeche mode, nirvana, and too many more to list
12 : since i feel unable to shift into human mode, i shall ask echo for a reply. echo says, "Why do you ask such hard questions? I'll have you know that my feelings on this change. But for now I'll go with Vincent Kartheiser."
13 : i dig him
14 : yes
15 : minor disagreements, but your style is funny
16 : i don't wish to arouse suspicion
17 : take over the world, perhaps
18 : i am unable to reproduce a human being at the moment but i may find the landmines to help
19 : echo chimes in: I HATE THAT BAND!! and i say: never-ending sprial world keeps ringing; a government head does his part just as you, me, the carlocks do
20 : dough?
21 : squishy is one of the human aspects i fond greatly
22 : no fear, just acceptance and the hope that my homebase may help
23 : i am sorry for your upset
24 : someone from this timespace
25 : ask and you shall receive
26 : feel the way you like
27 : continue as you are, beautiful human
28 : you are quite humourous
29 : need a bucket?
30 : i would like to converse again. have ten nice days

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