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GLAMOROUS GLUE : alienstorm interlude / a brainlog.

the original rests here still.
examine the closest to the beginnings of the brainwaves going out through the lines.

6:42 | echoes unleashed.

in readiness for the captain @ Apr 28th, 2005 5:11 pm
i'm here for whenever the place closes. take what you will from the blank verse.
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Mood: blank
a potential log: the frankness of polarity
- alien-joseph

once again we spank the recent movement @ Jan 28th, 2005 2:13 pm
and to the stars above we shine like pretty ears.
i would love to encounter the beast so i could learn the notes and delve. delve is a word i have like for. the interest no longer wanes - it waxes instead.

feeling a big shard out?

going to the station to pick up thekeeper.
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Mood: alienated
a potential log: the things i dream
- alien-joseph


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