cf. thoughtforms

abnormal sense mechanism / telegnosis public displays of alienation / brainstorm alien dimensional vortex / mythography ex·trinsi·cal·ly introverted / projection alien.bane symbolism / universally unstuck lines of journals live / crabspider


GLAMOROUS GLUE : alienstorm interlude / a brainlog.

the original rests here still.
examine the closest to the beginnings of the brainwaves going out through the lines.

blue card phobia

I get grossed out when I see the pop rocks. eating sense is silly (unless for breakfast). i admire those who get away with being butlers and psychos on the end.

sometimes you just dream of a riddle and it becomes truth.
I often speak of truth but it is a mysterious concept. conceptual art, yes! i had a bright idea the other day but now it is dim. /

use your life like a chandelier. round button, scrolling, black phones and off the hook behaviour.
these are my eels.
i have no need for quarters. (dimes are my friend).
the number fixe goes flying out the window.

cherish the doll of remorse.

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