telegnosis is brok{en}

Friday, April 30, 2010

dear willing visitor,

some not-so-fun chubby funsters decided it would amuse them to alter my publish thoughts. they ruined systems in the process. i know what time the mistress runs on and accept the time will flow like blood.

please be advised of the following; /telegnosis/ aka “abnormal sense mechanism / telegnosis” & /extrinsic/ aka “ex·trinsi·cal·ly introverted / projection” shall continue to spill forth no-nos for an unknown period. & other areas of my web dwelling get are on queue.
other things get in the way at the orchard.

we await the return/passing of V.

our located juncture says alien-josephese is all around you. i’m all around
alienstorm.interlude as the morning glory.